sundae topped with a pretzel and a cherry

5 Favorite Desserts of 2019

Our annual end-of-year tradition continues as we take a look back on the best things we tried last year. Here are our five favorite desserts of 2019:

sundae topped with a pretzel and a cherry

The Bull Dog – Ranch House

Who can resist an ice cream sundae? The Bull Dog (named for the Wilson School District mascot) is a beast of a dessert with four scoops of ice cream, crushed peanuts, strawberries, peaches, pineapple and whipped cream – and a cherry on top, of course. Everything about it was delicious, but the best bites were those with the combination of chocolate ice cream and fresh strawberries. Read Full Review

Strawberry Sponge Cake

Strawberry Shortcake – Heritage Restaurant

The last impression of a meal is almost as important as the first, and the strawberry cake was the perfect ending to the chef’s table meal at Heritage Restaurant. Each plate featured a sponge cake topped with fresh strawberries, chocolate mousse, chipotle raspberry sea salt, another layer of sponge cake, banana whipped cream and a strawberry sugar dust. There were layers of flavor that you don’t normally find in a dessert, and too much to recap here. Read Full Review

Mecca Caribbean and Soul Food Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie – Mecca Caribbean and Soul

Mecca was a surprise hit all around, including the slices of pumpkin pie that were included with our meals. It was simple, a little sweet with the right amount of pumpkin spice, but enjoyable nonetheless. Read Full Review

cup of vanilla ice cream and a tall milkshake in a paper cup

Black and White Milkshake – Just Mom’s

I love a good milkshake so when we visited Just Mom’s in Elverson, I couldn’t help myself. I ordered the black and white – a mix of vanilla and chocolate ice creams that I think makes for the best milkshake base. It did not disappoint. Read Full Review

A half-size Mason jar of lemongrass creme brulee from Go Fish.

Lemongrass Creme Brulee – Go Fish! Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Our last review of 2019 featured one of our favorite desserts of the year: the lemongrass creme brulee. It was creamy and decadent with hints of citrus. It was a delicious end to a very good meal. Read Full Review

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Best of Berks County Eats Desserts
Savory Grille Chocolate Tart

5 Favorite Desserts of 2018

Our annual end-of-year tradition continues as we take a look back on the best things we tried this year. Today: our five favorite desserts of 2018.

Fried Ice Cream – Castaneda’s

Fried ice cream is a personal favorite of Julie’s so when we saw it on Castaneda’s menu, we had to try it. It was totally worth the extra Calories (I don’t want to know how many were in it). I especially loved the addition of the cinnamon-dusted tortilla chips. Read Full Review

Savory Grille Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart – Savory Grille

Julie’s birthday dinner at Savory Grille was from start to finish one of the best meals we have ever had. And the finish was incredible: a tart filled with chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh mint and a sugar cookie, and garnished with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. It was an unforgettable indulgence and a great ending to a perfect night out. Read Full Review

Lemon berry cake from Franklin House Tavern

Lemon Berry Cake – Franklin House

In 2018, Berks County Eats made only a couple road trips outside the county, one of those was to the Franklin House Tavern in Schaefferstown, Lebanon County. We splurged on dessert – a deliciously decadent lemon berry cake with layers of Mascarpone cheese and a concentrated raspberry sauce. Read Full Review

Fork & Ale Butterscotch Lava Cake

Butterscotch Lava Cake – Fork & Ale

Butterscotch does not rank high on my list of favorite sweets, but the butterscotch lava cake from our visit to Fork & Ale was perfect. Not too buttery, not too sweet with a perfectly prepared cake “shell,” this dessert capped off an incredible date night dinner. Read Full Review

Plum Creek Farm Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake – Plum Creek

The Creamery at Plum Creek Farm Market has become an incredibly popular destination along Route 183 and it is thanks to their delicious homemade soft ice cream and indulgent sundaes like this. The vanilla soft serve stands on its own, but the strawberry shortcake sundae came topped with bits of shortcake, fresh strawberries and a mound of whipped cream. It’s a satisfying meal on its own. Read Full Review


Best of Berks County Eats Desserts
Carrot cake for dessert.

4 Favorite Desserts of 2017

Every December, we take a look back at our favorite dishes of the past year. This time, we’re talking sweets. Here are our four favorite desserts we tried in 2017.

Editor’s Note: There are only four desserts on this list because we only splurged on dessert four times in 2017. For more information on why, check out my Food Blogger vs. Fat series.

Willoughby’s on Park – Carrot Cake

Neither of us had any room for dessert after finishing our steaks at Willoughby’s. But it was our anniversary, and we couldn’t help ourselves. The giant slice of cake was drizzled with caramel and garnished with whipped cream and strawberries. I’m a real sucker for carrot cake, and this was a good one. Read Full Review

Folino Estate Vineyard and Winery – Baklava

Julie’s birthday dinner ended with one of her favorite desserts: baklava. The layered pastry was served warm and the filling oozed out with the first forkful. The dark chocolate shavings added a bittersweet flavor to counteract the sweetness of the honey, and everything just came together beautifully. Read Full Review

Heisler’s Cloverleaf Dairy – Vanilla Milkshake

No road trip to this Schuylkill County institution is complete without Heisler’s famous ice cream, and I enjoyed mine in the form of a milkshake. There’s something about drinking a shake after enjoying a burger and fries that just feels right, and Heisler’s makes a mean milkshake. Read Full Review

Reading Hospital – Chocolate Trilogy Cake

Julie and I celebrated the birth of our first son on November 17, and we ended our hospital stay with a surf and turf dinner for two. And that dinner ended with a slice of chocolate trilogy cake – three layers of chocolate mousse that were absolutely decadent. The cake isn’t worth a two-night stay in the hospital, but baby Jakob was. And his arrival made the entire meal more memorable. Read Full Review

Best of Berks County Eats Desserts

5 Favorite Desserts of 2016

Every December, we take a look back at our favorite dishes of the past year. This week, we’re skipping dinner and going for dessert. Here are the five most decadent desserts we tried in 2016.

Back Forty Bar & Grill – Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Tortes


Our dinner at Back Forty Bar & Grill was OK, but our dessert was fantastic. The chocolate raspberry truffle tortes were amazing with layers of chocolate cake, mousse and ganache topped with raspberry puree and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Did we need it after a big meal? No. Were we glad we got it? Absolutely. Read Review

Dan’s at Green Hills – Chocolate Bread Pudding


The chocolate bread pudding that Julie enjoyed during her birthday dinner at Dan’s at Green Hills was definitely a highlight. Start with a delicious bread pudding, add chunks of Godiva dark chocolate and a dollop of caramel ice cream and you’ve got a recipe for a memorable dessert. Read Review

Gatsby’s at Sunnybrook Ballroom – Tiramisu Crepe


When your dessert menu is made up almost entirely of crepes, you better do them well. Gatsyb’s does them well. My tiramisu crepe was perfect. The crepe was filled with coffee mascarpone and topped with chocolate sauce and cocoa powder. I absolutely loved it. Read Review

Stony Run Inn – Apple Strudel


When you eat at a restaurant that specializes in German cuisine, how can you pass on the apple strudel? You can’t. And at the Stony Run Inn, they do apple strudel right. The dough is so thin and flaky, the apples were seasoned to perfection and the whole dish was enjoyable from first bite to last. Read Review

Sweet Ride Ice Cream – Ice Cream Sandwich


There’s nothing wrong with simple. Sweet Ride’s ice cream sandwich is as simple as it gets: two cookies and a big scoop of ice cream. But everything about it is great. The soft, fresh-baked cookies melt in your mouth just like the Nelson’s ice cream. It’s hard to go wrong with those ingredients. Read Review

Desserts Features Stories

5 Favorite Desserts of 2015

December is a time to look back and reflect on the year that was. Berks County Eats is taking a look back at the best of the best from more than 50 restaurants that we visited in 2015. This week: Our Top Five Favorite Desserts. 

Dessert is the part of the meal worth waiting for. No matter how much food you eat, there’s always room to squeeze in something sweet at the end. Especially when dessert is as good as these five that I found this year.

Heirloom – Homemade S’more


Apparently S’mores are not just something to eat around the campfire. They are a gourmet dessert, at least at Heirloom, where they made everything from scratch, including the marshmallow. That marshmallow sat atop a base of chili-infused chocolate ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and dusted in graham cracker. Don’t try this at home. Read Full Post

Salute – Almond Parfait


Our Valentine’s Day dinner at Salute was certainly memorable, but nothing stood out quite like the Almond Parfait. It started with almond ice cream — I could eat a scoop of that any day — that was topped with chocolate syrup and crushed almonds. And they didn’t cheat on the portion size either. Read Full Post

Anthony’s Trattoria – Angel Food Cake


Angel food cake is boring, right? Not when it’s layered with chocolate mousse and chocolate cake, and iced with a smooth chocolate shell. It may not have resembled the light, airy cake that is so familiar, but it was certainly heavenly. Read Full Post

Plein Air – Angel Food Cake and Pistachio Sorbet


This was more like the angel food cake you expect, but it was kicked up a notch by the strawberry reduction drizzled on top. The real star though was the pistachio sorbet. It was so sweet and creamy. My only wish was for there to be more of it. Read Full Post

Cafe Sweet Street – Turtle Bundt Cake


When you visit Cafe Sweet Street, you should get dessert. And by dessert, I mean you should get the turtle Bundt cake. The rich chocolate cake is topped with crushed pecans, a gooey glob of caramel and a chocolatey shell. With dessert this good, who needs lunch? Read Full Post

Desserts Features Stories

5 Favorite Desserts of 2014

December is a time to look back and reflect on the year that was. Berks County Eats is taking a look back at the best of the best from more than 50 restaurants and 10 festivals we visited in 2014. This week: Our Top Five Favorite Desserts. 

Appetizers make the first impression, but dessert creates a lasting memory. It’s the last thing you eat, but certainly not the least important part of your meal. Here’s a look back at five of the sweetest, most creative desserts we tried in the past year:


Banana Cream DelightAustin’s Restaurant and Bar

Imagine a banana cream pie turned inside-out. That’s the best description I have for Austin’s banana cream delight. It starts with a bed of graham cracker crumbs. Then you add on sliced bananas, a heaping helping of custard and a dollop of whipped cream. The custard was good enough to eat on its own, but together with everything else, it was incredible.


Banana Split Arctic SwirlSchell’s Dairy Swirl

Dairy Queen has their Blizzards, but if you want a soft serve treat in Berks County, it has to be an Arctic Swirl at Schell’s. The banana split version includes vanilla soft serve, fresh banana and bits of strawberry to create a cool treat. It’s the perfect dessert for a retro eatery like Schell’s.


Key Lime Tart and Banans Foster CheesecakeViva Bistro & Lounge

The only thing better than dessert is two desserts. With Viva’s Duets menu, the $35.99 dinner for two included your choice of two mini desserts. The key lime tart was sweet enough to make my mouth pucker and the cheesecake was extra moist. This was a case where we were served both quantity and quality.


Orange Creamsicle Crème Brulee – The Hitching Post Restaurant and Bar

It looked like traditional crème brulee, but it tasted like a popsicle from childhood. The Hitching Post’s orange creamsicle crème brulee was beautifully caramelized with a heaping helping of whipped cream. But it was the citrus twist that took this dessert from delicious to divine.


Vietnamese Banana Cake – Hong Thanh

A cake that was nothing like a cake. With a flaky top crust, layers of bananas and a thick custard, Hong Thanh’s Vietnamese banana cake looked and tasted more like a pie. And a darn good one at that. Add on a dip of ginger ice cream and you have a sweet and spicy dessert that was one of my all-time favorites.

Desserts Features Stories