Our annual end-of-year tradition continues as we take a look back on the best things we tried last year. Here are our five favorite desserts of 2019:

sundae topped with a pretzel and a cherry

The Bull Dog – Ranch House

Who can resist an ice cream sundae? The Bull Dog (named for the Wilson School District mascot) is a beast of a dessert with four scoops of ice cream, crushed peanuts, strawberries, peaches, pineapple and whipped cream – and a cherry on top, of course. Everything about it was delicious, but the best bites were those with the combination of chocolate ice cream and fresh strawberries. Read Full Review

Strawberry Sponge Cake

Strawberry Shortcake – Heritage Restaurant

The last impression of a meal is almost as important as the first, and the strawberry cake was the perfect ending to the chef’s table meal at Heritage Restaurant. Each plate featured a sponge cake topped with fresh strawberries, chocolate mousse, chipotle raspberry sea salt, another layer of sponge cake, banana whipped cream and a strawberry sugar dust. There were layers of flavor that you don’t normally find in a dessert, and too much to recap here. Read Full Review

Mecca Caribbean and Soul Food Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie – Mecca Caribbean and Soul

Mecca was a surprise hit all around, including the slices of pumpkin pie that were included with our meals. It was simple, a little sweet with the right amount of pumpkin spice, but enjoyable nonetheless. Read Full Review

cup of vanilla ice cream and a tall milkshake in a paper cup

Black and White Milkshake – Just Mom’s

I love a good milkshake so when we visited Just Mom’s in Elverson, I couldn’t help myself. I ordered the black and white – a mix of vanilla and chocolate ice creams that I think makes for the best milkshake base. It did not disappoint. Read Full Review

A half-size Mason jar of lemongrass creme brulee from Go Fish.

Lemongrass Creme Brulee – Go Fish! Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Our last review of 2019 featured one of our favorite desserts of the year: the lemongrass creme brulee. It was creamy and decadent with hints of citrus. It was a delicious end to a very good meal. Read Full Review

Have a favorite dessert in Berks County? Tell us in the comments below or email us at berkscountyeats@gmail.com.

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