December is a time to look back and reflect on the year that was. Berks County Eats is taking a look back at the best of the best from more than 50 restaurants that we visited in 2015. This week: Our Top Five Favorite Desserts. 

Dessert is the part of the meal worth waiting for. No matter how much food you eat, there’s always room to squeeze in something sweet at the end. Especially when dessert is as good as these five that I found this year.

Heirloom – Homemade S’more


Apparently S’mores are not just something to eat around the campfire. They are a gourmet dessert, at least at Heirloom, where they made everything from scratch, including the marshmallow. That marshmallow sat atop a base of chili-infused chocolate ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and dusted in graham cracker. Don’t try this at home. Read Full Post

Salute – Almond Parfait


Our Valentine’s Day dinner at Salute was certainly memorable, but nothing stood out quite like the Almond Parfait. It started with almond ice cream — I could eat a scoop of that any day — that was topped with chocolate syrup and crushed almonds. And they didn’t cheat on the portion size either. Read Full Post

Anthony’s Trattoria – Angel Food Cake


Angel food cake is boring, right? Not when it’s layered with chocolate mousse and chocolate cake, and iced with a smooth chocolate shell. It may not have resembled the light, airy cake that is so familiar, but it was certainly heavenly. Read Full Post

Plein Air – Angel Food Cake and Pistachio Sorbet


This was more like the angel food cake you expect, but it was kicked up a notch by the strawberry reduction drizzled on top. The real star though was the pistachio sorbet. It was so sweet and creamy. My only wish was for there to be more of it. Read Full Post

Cafe Sweet Street – Turtle Bundt Cake


When you visit Cafe Sweet Street, you should get dessert. And by dessert, I mean you should get the turtle Bundt cake. The rich chocolate cake is topped with crushed pecans, a gooey glob of caramel and a chocolatey shell. With dessert this good, who needs lunch? Read Full Post

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