Editor’s Note: The Whoopie Pie Company is closed. The bakery closed before the VF Outlet Center closed in 2018.

When you think of Pennsylvania Dutch desserts, whoopie pies have to be one of your first thoughts. A heap of vanilla cream sandwiched between a pair of chocolate cakes makes for a simple, perfect dessert.

But the culinary arts are all about innovation, and that is what the Whoopie Pie Company is doing with these Dutchy desserts.

The bakery is tucked in the back corner of the VF Outlet Center’s Blue Building, on the outer edge of what is an otherwise a drab, generic food court.

It’s a fitting setting for a company that takes a tired (yet delicious) food that has never really changed and jazzes it up in a fresh, new way.


The Whoopie Pie Company offers seven everyday flavors that range from traditional (chocolate with buttercream) to unique (vanilla cakes with buttercream and raspberry drizzle).

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough stomach to try all seven so I decided that if I could only get one, The Classic was the obvious choice.

The Classic is the “traditional” chocolate cakes with cream filling. But this looked nothing like a traditional whoopie pie. First, there is the whipped buttercream filling, beautifully squeezed onto the bottom cake instead of slopped on. Then there is the chocolate drizzle crisscrossing the top cake.

It was almost a shame to take the first bite and ruin the beautiful dessert. The moist, dark chocolate cakes were perfectly balanced by the sweet cream filling.

And because you can’t eat just one, I also took a bite out of The Rebel, which isn’t very rebellious at all. The Rebel is the opposite of your traditional pie, with vanilla cakes and a chocolate ganache that gave it just enough chocolate flavor to remind you that it is still a whoopie pie.

Though the pies were both very good, you are paying for pretty. The pies cost $2.00 each, which is a lot for a pie that really isn’t very big.

And though I might have wanted a little more for my money, the whoopie pies would have left me wanting more no matter how big they were. They were just that good.

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