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Berks County Eats leaves the restaurant behind in order to try some of the best desserts, snack foods and unique foods from Greater Reading’s best bakeries and food stands. These are Berks County’s Unique Eats.

In my review of The Whoopie Pie Company, I tasted the gourmet version of the Pennsylvania Dutch dessert. The normally simple cakes were given an upscale makeover with ganache filling and chocolate drizzle.

But while the Whoopie Pie Company continues to move the whoopie pie forward, other area bakeries are also putting their own spin on the traditional dish.

Inside the PA Dutch Farmer’s Market of Wyomissing, Lil’s Bakery offers just about every kind of baked good imaginable, from a variety of breads to pies and cupcakes. And like any good Pennsylvania Dutch bakery, Lil’s is putting their own twist on the whoopie pie.

The pies are not glamorous. Instead of an individual box, they come wrapped in saran, with filling bursting out from the sides. In addition to the standard chocolate with vanilla cream, Lil’s offers flavors like peanut butter and red velvet.

But their most unique version takes another Dutch dessert, replacing the chocolate cakes with shoofly for a doubly delicious dish.

The shoofly cakes are very moist, like a wet-bottom pie filling. And it’s just sticky enough to give you an excuse to lick your fingers clean when you’re finished.

The cream is simple, sweet enough that you taste it in every bite, but not too sweet to overpower the cakes. It’s a perfect balance of flavors that makes this a nearly perfect pie.

Another great thing about Lil’s whoopie pies in the price. At about $1.00 each, you can afford to spoil yourself every week. Just remember that the market is only open Thursdays through Saturdays so make sure you stock up to get yourself through the week.

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