Editor’s Note: This post was published as an April Fool’s Day joke for readers on April 1, 2015. But you should totally check out our real reviews here.


Sometimes I put off visiting a restaurant for no reason. I see a place over and over again, thinking to myself, “I need to try that sometime,” but never do. There is one restaurant in particular that has seemingly been calling to me since I moved to Wyomissing three-and-a-half years ago. Every time I drive past McDonald’s, there’s a line of cars wrapped around the building, each one filled with hungry customers just waiting to get a taste. Finally the temptation became too great, I had to stop and see what the fuss was about. The dining room looked like a spacious cafe with a combination of booths, tables, counter seats and cushioned chairs. The walls are adorned with decorative clocks, each one stopped at a different time. I have never seen anyone work as fast as the McDonald’s team. We placed our order at the counter and had a tray full of food just a few minutes later.


For my dinner, I opted for the 10-piece Chicken McNugget meal. The nuggets were oddly shaped—some looked like a boot, others like a bell, and some were simple ovals—but they were perfectly sized for dipping (or were the sauce packets perfectly sized for the nuggets). With their light, airy texture, I could have probably eaten 20 or more without thinking.


My fries were golden yellow, matching the colors on the arches out front. Beyond their varied size, the fries all looked identical; evenly cooked with not a speck of skin to be seen. Like the McNuggets, I could have kept eating these slightly greasy but extremely flavorful spuds.


I decided to combine my drink with dessert and ordered the limited-time special Shamrock Shake. Mostly green with a little white swirled in, the shake was loaded with as much whipped cream as could possibly fit inside the cup. It was slightly minty with just a hint of vanilla. While I prefer real milkshakes made with hard ice cream, it was still really enjoyable.


Julie also opted for chicken, but instead of McNuggets, she went with the Chicken Select Tenders. Styled more like a chicken finger, the Selects had a heavier breading with more spices (including a nice dose of pepper). The three Selects were loaded with flavor— very good and very filling. In addition to some delicious food and speedy service, McDonald’s also keeps prices low. Our two dinners were a bargain as we spent less than $15 between us. As a food blogger, I like to think that I have a refined palate, one that can distinguish fine food when it is served to me. I can safely say the chef at McDonald’s is serving some very fine food. I’m glad that I finally stopped.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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