Hall of Flame BBQ & Wings is now closed. The restaurant closed in 2013.

Hall of Flame BBQ & Wings is the latest edition to Berks County’s growing list of bar-b-cue restaurants. Opening in late 2012 in the former Pizza Time building on Lancaster Avenue, the Hall of Flame specializes in wood-smoked meats and deep fried chicken wings.

A plain white and brown exterior is not nearly as appealing as the smells coming from inside. A small counter sits in front of the kitchen area, which is in full view of customers.

A couple other customers were standing by the counter waiting for their food. One of them sampled one of Hall of Flame’s fatality wings, which he managed to eat without taking a drink. He raved about the flavor of the wing, and how you got the heat without the messy sauce.

I wasn’t nearly as brave, but my black cherry habanero BBQ wings were the highlight of the meal. The wings were deep fried to perfection, and the sauce was one of the best I have ever tasted, with an incredible sweetness from the cherries, and a slow burn from the habanero that built up as I tore through my order.

styrofoam clamshell with six wings, celery and bleu cheese

For the main course, I chose the Hall of Famer sandwich, an oversized roll loaded with beef brisket and pulled pork, with potato wedges on the side. The meats were tender and flavored well, but the brisket still had some fat on it, and there was just too much meat for the tiny cup of sauce that came with it. A little more sauce would have made a world of difference.

open face sandwich with brisket and pork with a side of potato wedges and a side of coleslaw

The wedges were about six inches long and golden brown, but I was expecting more flavor. There are several seasoned and loaded options that I would suggest trying instead.

The Hall of Flame’s most intriguing menu item is the BBQ parfait, a monstrous mountain of barbecue, sides, and cheese sauce.

cup with layers of meat, coleslaw and cheese sauce

“I don’t sell too many of them,” the owner told me when he delivered the parfait, “but it’s more of a novelty item. You can’t get it anywhere else.”

The parfait starts with your choice of side dish on the bottom, then it gets covered in BBQ and cheese sauces, followed by your choice of meat and more sauces. The whole thing is topped off with a big scoop of coleslaw.

It’s definitely not for everyone. The flavor combination is interesting to say the least. The coleslaw can be overpowering as its flavor seeps into the whole dish. If you don’t like coleslaw, you’re not going to like it. If you do like it, and you like trying new things, give the dish a try. For $5.95, it’s worth it to say to you ate a BBQ parfait.

Sandwiches range from $6-9, while BBQ platters run $9-23. The Hall of Flame has only three tables so it’s best to plan for take-out. Wing prices vary depending on quantity. Open seven days a week until 10:00 pm.

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