Meals on wheels took on a whole new meaning on Saturday, June 28, during the annual Food Truck Festival at the VF Outlet Center in Wyomissing.

Ten gourmet food trucks from around the region parked outside the Designer Place building to serve festival-goers with internationally inspired dishes.

Big Chipper’s BBQ, Gourmand, Just Jackie’s Food Truck, KAMI Cart, Kino’s Tacos, MAD Sandwiches, Mr. Softie, Smudge Smokehouse, the Chicken Truck and the Perk Up Truck were serving their unique dishes to the hungry masses.

The event was supposed to include a meatball cook-off, but a “cancelled” sign was set up in its place. It was disappointing, but there was still plenty of other foods to try.

I decided to wait out the line at MAD Sandwiches after seeing a sign for their intriguing Latino Parfait. Served in a bowl,  the dish consisted of layers of beans, rice, pork and Argentinian Chimichurri sauce.


The pork was cooked perfectly and well-seasoned. On its own, the Chimichurri sauce tasted a little too much like mustard when eaten on its own, but mixed with the remaining ingredients, it created a delicious, full-flavored dish that would be a welcome addition on any restaurant’s menu.


Smudge Smokehouse caught the attention of my wife so she waited in a long line to try one of their barbecue specialties: brisket tacos.


In addition to the standard lettuce, the taco was topped with mango salsa and chipotle cream sauce. The brisket picked up a nice smokey flavor, and that smokiness blended perfectly with the sweetness of the mango and the slight spice of the sauce to create a well-balanced dish.


For dessert, we decided to split a smoothie from the Perk Up Truck. And though we could have combined any number of flavors, we settled on a simple banana smoothie topped with a heavy dose of whipped cream.


A mix of bananas, milk, sugar and ice, the smoothie was basically a milkshake without the ice cream. It was a nice, sweet treat, especially on such hot afternoon.

In the end, there were just too many food trucks and not enough room in my stomach to try something from all of them.

But that just means I get to try something new at next year’s festival.

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