It’s Week 5 of Food Blogger vs. Fat, and my journey to better health continues. Here’s a look at the week that was.

The Successes

Last week, I was bemoaning the weather as I watched the raindrops fall outside, ruining my plans for a bike ride.

Instead, Julie convinced me that a walk around the Berkshire Mall was just as good.

classic cars lined up inside a mall for a car show
The Pretzel City Rod & Custom Car Club was set up inside the Berkshire Mall when we went in to escape the rain.

Walking in, we stumbled upon the Pretzel City Rod & Custom Car Show. About two dozen hot rods and custom classics were on display throughout the mall.

Classic White Pontiac Firebird in a mall with a Sears in the background
A fine Firebird on display at the Berkshire Mall.

It certainly made the walk more interesting. And after a couple brief detours into stores – there are far fewer that we are interested in than when we were teenagers – we recorded 1.5 miles of walking.

Sunday was much better as we did a 3.5 mile walk through Wyomissing Park and beyond.

Small trail leading into a wooded area with two wooden signs, one pointing left for the Pinewoods Trail, one pointing right to Winters Way
The entrance to the Pinewoods Trail at Wyomissing Park.

Wyomissing Park is one of our favorite walks and the Pinewoods Trail is a big part of that. There is nothing like the Pinewoods Trail anywhere else in Berks County.

a path among a forest of pine trees
It’s a whole different world inside the pines.

The trail winds through a grove of pines that outlines the park along its border with the Highlands. It’s a different world inside the pines – quiet, dark and eerily enchanting. It’s the perfect springboard for a lengthy walk.

stone mill building in Wyomissing, PA
The old mill along the Wyomissing Park walking path.

Thursday night was lawn mowing night and on Friday I squeezed in a walk at work and nine holes of disc golf in the evening.

The Challenges

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I recorded no exercise. It was my longest break from exercise since I started this healthy journey.

And on Wednesday and Thursday my caloric intake came in just over my limit. But Monday and Friday were well under my limit so my net was 500 calories under budget.

The Results

As I have gone through this journey, I have settled into a bizarre pattern of alternating weeks of great results and mediocrity. Last week was mediocre. This week was better.

Current Weight: 179.6
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.8
Weight Loss Since Start: -9.8

Back into the 170s! I’m not quite at 10 pounds lost since I began, but seeing that seven in the middle of my weight feels good.

I still can’t explain it, but the trend continues. Perhaps it’s just a case of timing. I’m sure I didn’t lose 2.8 pounds all in one week, but I did lose three pounds in two weeks, which is a good, consistent weight loss that leaves me nearly five weeks ahead of schedule.

The Week Ahead

It’s another crazy week for me this week, concluding with a weekend away in Alexandria, Va.

While at my conference in Tucson, I won a silent auction for a three-day, two-night getaway in Alexandria so we are making the trip before the sweltering summer hits the Washington, D.C. area.

But that means two things: 1) I can’t weigh in on Saturday as has become my custom – we’ll be leaving on Friday – and 2) I’ll be dining out for all three meals.

Hopefully I can make smart choices that keep on track and not lose the ground I have gained over these first five weeks.

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