It’s week 22 and I have already lost the weight of a small dog. No joke. Read on for the latest update in my journey to better health.

The Successes

It was a good week as far as exercise. I recorded an hour of walking on Tuesday during an event at work, then added lunch walks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Then Sunday I finally had a chance to get my discs out and hit the course.

The plan was a stop at the Laurelain Park, my go-to for disc golfing, but there was an event happening so we had to turn around and go with plan b.

sign that reads "Angelica Park Disc Golf Course" with a map
Not a bad Plan B

Plan B was Angelica Park. Located on the campus of Alvernia University, the Angelica Park disc golf course is a nine-hole course that I hadn’t visited in two years. It was actually the first course that I ever played, and one that I have always enjoyed, but road closures during the construction of the new nature center made it more of a hassle to get to the course, and Laurelain was just easier.

man launching a yellow disc on a disc golf course
This looks like a wide open tee shot. It’s not. The basket is 374 feet away, down a hill guarded by a small forest.

It really is a beautiful course, a little more wooded than Laurelain with some challenging tee shots toward well-guarded baskets.

man swinging his arm back to throw a yellow disc on a tee of a disc golf course
The most difficult hole on the course, #6 is guarded by trees on both sides with a narrow fairway.

In other words, I wasn’t very good, and I hit a lot of trees. There were a few lucky shots thrown in, but for the most part, it was a struggle.

man swinging his arm forward to throw a yellow disc on a disc golf course
Look at that form!

Still, it was good to get out on the course again after weeks of wet weather kept me away.

The Challenges

Friday was a tough day as we joined Julie’s parents, aunt and uncle at Mangia. It’s a favorite spot for our family dinners, and I’m usually pretty good about portion control and taking food home with me.

Not this week.

plate of rigatoni topped with fried eggplant and red sauce
Eggplant is healthy, until it’s fried and served with two servings of pasta.

I had the rigatoni melanzane with eggplant in tomato sauce. I liked the texture and flavor that the eggplant brought to the dish. And eggplant is good for you. Unless it’s fried and accompanied by two portions of pasta. I had already eaten a slice of garlic bread and a salad that I overloaded with dressing.

It was an estimated 1,100 calories that left me over my limit for the day.

A strawberry-orange smoothie bowl with almond milk and sliced almonds.
Smoothies for breakfast? Why not?

Saturday was also tricky as Julie and I dined out for all three meals, plus dessert. We visited The Green Bean Cafe in the morning, then visited the Farmers Market of Wyomissing for their pig roast at lunchtime.

plate with a flatbread sandwich and a cup of bean and corn salad
That black bean salad – amazing.

Dinner included a trip to Isaac’s Deli. I had to restrain myself and only finish half of my flatbread sandwich because I had already promised Julie we would go to YoGo Crazy for an after dinner treat.

Thankfully, frozen yogurt is actually very reasonable in calories, and because it gets weighed, I know exactly how much is in it.

Amazingly, I managed to escape the day under my 1,930 calorie daily limit.

The Results

Current Weight: 164.2
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.0
Total Weight Loss: -25.2

I have now officially lost the weight of a corgi. At least that’s what my Lose It! app told me.

screenshot from the Lose It app depicting a Corgi with a sign around its neck that reads "25 pounds down"

I had no ideas that corgis were that heavy, but I’ll take it. Twenty-five pounds is a milestone that I am happy to have crossed, and I am getting closer to my goal weight of 160 pounds.

The Week Ahead

half of a hamburger topped with pesto, tomato and cheese
It’s creative items like the Taste of Italy Burger from Dawn’s Deli that keeps me coming back to the Taste of Hamburg-er Festival every year.

This highlight of the week ahead is Saturday’s Taste of Hamburg-er Festival, one of my absolute favorite events of the year. I am going to eat way too many calories, and I am ok with that.

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