Last week, I introduced Food Blogger vs. Fat, a new feature that will chronicle my journey to better health.

Writing that blog was easy. Now, the hard part – the weight loss goal of 30 pounds in 30 weeks has begun.

My starting weight for the challenge: 189.4.

The Successes

Overall, my first week was a success. On Wednesday, I dodged the raindrops for a 1.5 mile walk around our office complex, tracking everything with my Endomondo app.

screenshot of Endomondo app showing a 1.58 mile walk
The .8-mile loop around our office complex would make a great go-kart track.

A lap around the buildings and through the parking lots is .8 miles (there is actually a mapped out route with signs every one-tenth of a mile). I was able to complete two laps in 30 minutes before the rain reappeared.

screenshot from Endomondo app showing a 3.15 mile walk
From Reber’s bridge, the trail west is full of hills. We climbed 150 feet during the short walk.

On Thursday night, Julie and I met up with my friend Heff (you can call him Matt) at Reber’s Bridge for an evening trail walk. We went westward along the trail for a three-mile round trip, avoiding the fresh puddles and racing the sunset back to the parking area.

a pair of train tracks run next to an old factory building
The Park Road bridge is one of my favorite stops for photos.

On Saturday morning, I went on another three-mile walk. My route takes me from our neighborhood to the Wyomissing Post Office, into West Reading, and back across the bridge into Berkshire Heights.

The Challenges

Using my Lose It app, I log every calorie that I take in and every calorie-burning exercise that I do. My daily budget to start is 2,096 net calories. This is a moving target as the more weight I lose, the fewer calories I am allowed.

screenshot from the Lose It app showing 314 calories over budget
Monday was not a good day, but I made up for it the rest of the week.

On Monday, I missed my goal, coming in 314 calories over budget thanks to a (delicious) dinner at Mission BBQ. That night, I was in Philadelphia for WWE Monday Night Raw so the only exercise I was able to get was the walk from the parking lot to the Wells Fargo Center and back (and a very slow lap around the concourse).

Friday, I came in 297 calories under budget, but it was the only day that I logged no exercise. The persistent rain left no opportunity for outdoor exercise, and after logging my dinner, I took a night off.

The Results

So how did I do in Week 1?

186.4 lbs.
Loss Since Start: -3.0 lbs.

It was a strong start, for sure. But there is no way that this weight loss rate is sustainable, even if I continue coming in under my calorie count. The results will slow down and normalize, now that the recently-gained weight is gone.

The Week Ahead

This week is when the weight loss goal really kicks in, and it’s also one of the hardest weeks that I have. As you read this, I am attending a conference in Tucson, Arizona. That means two cross-country flights, and at least two airport lunches.

With breakfast and lunch provided at the conference (and the hotel’s relative isolation from downtown Tucson), it means no real choices for four of my meals.

However, there are several hiking trails nearby, an opportunity to explore downtown on Tuesday night, and perfect weather for doing laps in the pool (no poolside selfies, I promise).

If I can stick to the plan, I will be back here with more good news – and great photos from the dessert – next week.

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