Start your day with an unbeatable breakfast in Berks County. We’ve tried cinnamon roll French toast, jerk sausage omelets, sweet and savory crepes, smoothie bowls, breakfast skillets and so much more. Read about all the places we’ve had breakfast and brunch in Reading and Berks County:

plate of French toast topped with cinnamon swirl with a smaller plate of red skin potato homefries

Review: Annamarie’s on Main

Berks County Eats visits Annamarie's on Main in Birdsboro, for a taste of the restaurant's signature breakfast items like French toast and pancakes.
waffles topped in blueberry compote and breakfast potatoes

Review: Squawk Cafe – Wyomissing

Our review of the new Squawk Cafe in Wyomissing, a great new place for breakfast, lunch and coffee in Berks County.
Plate of French toast with fresh cut strawberries and blueberries

Review: Cafe Esperanza

Cafe Esperanza is the region's first pay-what-you-can cafe, and it has quickly become one of the area's top cafes.
Four Twelve's Southern Comfort Pecan Waffle

Review: Four Twelve

Four Twelve is known for coffee and waffles. We don't drink coffee, but we love waffles, so we made the trip to Hamburg for Belgian waffles, waffle sandwiches and waffle dippers.
Belly Kitchen Pan Perdu

Belly Kitchen & Drinkery – CLOSED

The Goggleworks is one of the most popular destinations in downtown Reading, and thanks to Belly Kitchen & Drinkery, it is now a destination for downtown dining.
Shillington Farmers Market Bacon Egg Cheese

Review: Shillington Farmers Market Cafe – CLOSED

Among the dining options at the resurgent Shillington Farmers Market is the Shillington Farmers Market Cafe, where we recently enjoyed a hearty (and frugal) breakfast.
cinnamon french toast with icing with a side of corned beef hash in the background

Review: Crossroads Family Restaurant

At the intersection of Routes 222 and 61 is one of Berks County's busiest diners. We stopped at Crossroads for a breakfast both traditional and unique (LA cinnamon roll French toast, anyone?).
Review: Brooks Cafe

Review: Brooks Cafe

Julie and I use the Labor Day holiday as an excuse to dine out for breakfast. So we stopped in at Brooks Cafe for banana nut pancakes and Hawaiian bread French toast.
Julie's blueberry-banana smoothie bowl with almond milk and granola.

The Green Bean Cafe – CLOSED

An all-organic cafe within walking distance of our home base, we couldn't wait to try smoothie bowls from the new Green Bean Cafe in Wyomissing.
omelet with homefries and white toast from CD's Place

Review: CD’s Place – CLOSED

A breakfast at CD's Place has been a long time coming. Finally, I found a Saturday where they were open, and we were available for a taste of their jerk chicken omelet and corn andouille hash.
Wyomissing Restaurant & Bakery won best breakfast

Review: Wyomissing Restaurant and Bakery

The newly renamed Wyomissing Restaurant and Bakery has goals of becoming "Shady Maple north east." We visited for their Sunday brunch buffet to see how close they are.
Review: Americana Diner

Review: Americana Diner

Berks County Eats makes a breakfast trip to the Americana Diner along Route 100 outside of Bechtelsville for a gyro skillet and pineapple pancakes.