Hamburg Restaurant Highlights

Located just off I-78, Hamburg is a small town with a big culinary scene.

One of the anchors of downtown is the 1787 Brewing Company, a craft brewer that also offers exceptionally dining. Copperz, the town’s second brewery, opened its doors recently and has only added to the town’s reputation.

Hamburg is home to one of the best barbecue restaurants in Berks County, Backwoods Brothers, which specializes in Texas-style ‘cue. Another BBQ joint, Smokin Brays, closed its doors a little more than a year ago, but you can still get their brand of BBQ on weekends at Hamburg Sweet Streets.

For a morning pick-me-up, check out Four Twelve. More than a coffee shop, Four Twelve’s culinary experience is centered around waffles done in creative new ways.

In addition to amazing restaurants, Hamburg is home to one of the largest culinary festivals in the state, the annual Taste of Hamburg-er Festival. Held annually on Labor Day Weekend, the event attracts more than 10,000 people annually to taste some the best burgers around.

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