Ray’s Original O’Grady’s closes

Ray’s Original O’Grady’s in Muhlenberg Township is now closed. A group that had reservations for Monday, February 29, was told that Sunday, February 28, would be the last day for the restaurant. Nothing has been posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page since January 1, and no other information is available at this time.

West Reading restaurant close

Slim Pickens Cafe has closed, according to the February 27 Reading Eagle. The article cited increased traffic congestion as the cause of decreased business at this and other restaurants in the borough.Traffic on Penn Avenue in West Reading has increased since July when the Buttonwood Street Bridge closed, forcing a detour through downtown.

New BBQ restaurant opens in Hamburg

A new barbecue restaurant is now open in downtown Hamburg. Backwoods Brothers Authentic Texas Cuisine opened in January, according to an article in the February 27 Reading Eagle. The Fourth Street location was most recently home to Hometowne Restaurant which closed last year.

Updated March 8: Bloomin’ Lotus is still open. The building is for sale, but the business has not closed as previously reported. 


  1. Bloomin Lotus is NOT closed! I am the owner and was just interviewed for a full story with the Reading Eagle about our brand. The restaurant is for sale BUT has nothing to do with traffic. As an entrepreneur I build businesses and sell them. I just sold Bloomin Backyard…a produce stand…Abondance European Deli and specialty coffee…and Bloomin has some prospects but we have no plans on closing the doors until there would be a buyer.

    1. Hello Kimberly,

      My apologies for the confusion. I am retracting that story. I read the Reading Eagle article and your Facebook page is down so it made it seem like the business was closed. Again, my apologies for not having the full story. I will have a correction in this week’s update.

  2. Breaks my heart about Slim Pickens. I know the owner, and he put so much effort into that food and anyone that has ever eaten there knows exactly how good that place was. It’s a real shame that the construction had to ruin this great place to eat, I know I will always miss the crab empanada’s and the amazin glazin

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