Instagram has become my social media site of choice. There is nothing better than scrolling through beautiful photos and videos – especially of food. Many of my favorite #BerksCounty eateries are doing Instagram right. Here’s just a few of my favorite feeds right now:

Benchwarmers Coffee | @benchwarmerscoffee

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S’more Feed Break

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When I’m scrolling through Instagram, nothing makes me hungrier than a photo of donuts and the simple caption, “feed break.” @benchwarmerscoffee

Four Twelve | @FourTwelveCo

Four Twelve specializes in three things: coffee, waffles and posting pictures of coffee and waffles. Actually, Four Twelve does everything well, including Instagram.

G.N.A. Ristorante | @g.n.a.ristorante

If you follow G.N.A., don’t be surprised if you see four posts in one day and then don’t see anything from them for three weeks. They may not be the most consistent when it comes to posting on IG, but everything they post looks outstanding.

Heritage Restaurant | @morgantownheritage

Whoever is behind the Instagram account at the Heritage Restaurant in Morgantown just knows how to take food pictures (and it helps to have a great chef who not only knows how to cook, but how to plate).

Mom Chaffe’s Cellarette | @momchaffescellarette

Mom Chaffe’s is about as old school a restaurant as you will find anywhere. They don’t have a website. They don’t have a Facebook page. But last February they started an Instagram account, and it is easily one of the best restaurant accounts to follow. The dishes are works of art and the captions straddle the line between witty and corny.

Morgantown Coffee House | @m_coffeehouse

Morgantown Coffee House’s Instagram account, like their food, is all about quality over quantity. The food is always beautifully plated and makes you hungry, which is exactly what it should do.

Pop’s Malt Shoppe | @popsmaltshoppe

There’s just something whimsicle about Pop’s Malt Shoppe, and it plays really well on Instagram, especially when customers and staff dress in their leather jackets and poodle skirts.

Savory Grille | @savorygrillepa

Food is a multi-sensory experience. What a dish looks like is almost as important as how it tastes. Savory Grille creates works of art on every plate. 

Say Cheese | @saycheeserestaurant

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The Cheese Chronicles: Sriracha Gouda by Roth Kase! This cheese is every bit as good as it sounds – a creamy-tasting, gouda-style cheese jazzed up with Sriracha! Perfectly balanced and extremely addictive. Sriracha Gouda is made with fresh milk from local Wisconsin dairy farms and cured for at least 30 days in Roth’s aging cellars in Monroe, Wisconsin. Before the curing process, Sriracha Gouda wheels are speckled with red pepper flakes and hand painted. Sriracha Gouda’s sweet and spicy flavor pairs well with apple and berry ciders, rose and Sauvignon Blanc, Pale Ales and IPA’s. It’s also perfect for topping chili, tomato soup, tacos, nachos and more. Try some today at our Marketplace! #artisan #sriracha #gouda #shoplocal #pennave #meetgreaterrdg

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Say Cheese makes some incredible food, but it’s rarely seen on the restaurant’s Instagram account. Instead, Say Cheese’s IG account is filled pictures of cheese. Beautiful blocks of cheese. I never knew that I needed pictures of aged cheddar and Sriracha Gouda in my feed, but I do.

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