Let’s Taco Bout It

Let’s Taco Bout It is one of West Reading’s newest restaurants, and it may also be one of the best, with homemade tacos, guacamole and more.



According to Wikipedia.com, an alebrije is a piece of Mexican folk art, a brightly-colored sculpture of a fantastical creature. It’s also a really cool name for a restaurant. Though the name is catchy, it’s the food and the atmosphere that hooks people on a restaurant. The owners of Alebrije must be doing something right to…

La Cocina Mexicana – Kutztown

I have high expectations every time I visit a restaurant for the first time. I want a reason to come back, something that sets it apart from the hundreds of other restaurants in Berks County. I’m looking for a unique experience. I’m looking for attentive service. Above all, I’m looking for great food. Unfortunately, it’s…