Shillington Farmers Market Bacon Egg Cheese

Shillington Farmers Market Cafe

Among the dining options at the resurgent Shillington Farmers Market is the Shillington Farmers Market Cafe, where we recently enjoyed a hearty (and frugal) breakfast.


Oley Turnpike Dairy Diner

The Oley Turnpike Dairy Diner is unique among Berks County restaurants, a throwback country diner that serves good food at unbelievable prices.

Brooks Cafe

Julie and I use the Labor Day holiday as an excuse to dine out for breakfast. So we stopped in at Brooks Cafe for banana nut pancakes and Hawaiian bread French toast.

Leesport Diner

A little more than a year after it opened, the Leesport Diner still looks as good as new and continues to draw a crowd. We visited for our first taste to see what keeps bringing the customers back.

CD’s Place

A breakfast at CD’s Place has been a long time coming. Finally, I found a Saturday where they were open, and we were available for a taste of their jerk chicken omelet and corn andouille hash.