Whether it’s a classic slice of pepperoni or an artisan pie with fig and balsamic, the pizzeria’s of Reading and Berks County are serving up some amazing pizza. Read the reviews below for a slice-by-slice look at Berks County’s best pizza places:

A photo of a calzone and French fries on a dark blue plate.

Review: Piero’s Pizzeria

Our first visit to Pieror's Pizzeria, where we tried a calzone, tuna sandwich, pizza, fries and ham puffs.
A slice of Frank white pizza, topped with ricotta, tomato and spinach

Review: TommyBoy’s Pizza and Cafe

TommyBoy's Pizza and Cafe in Kutztown distinguishes itself from every other pizza place in town - and in Berks County - with its mega slices, cut from 30-inch pies. How could we not try a mega slice while we were in town?
Oliverio's house special pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onion and peppers

Review: Oliviero’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

A visit to Oliviero's Pizzeria and Restaurant takes us back to a familiar location but a new restaurant. It also delivers some very good pizza.
A personal, 10-inch pepperoni lovers pizza from Pizza Como in Hamburg

Review: Pizza Como Hamburg

Hamburg's Pizza Como is a true neighborhood pizza place, and as we found out, one that is serving up some very good pizza.
Pizza Time Pepperoni Pizza

Review: Pizza Time

It's pizza time for Berks County Eats as we pay our first visit to Pizza Time restaurant in Reading, PA for a quick, convenient meal of pepperoni pizza and fries.
Tony's al Taglio Pizza

Tony’s al Taglio

Roman-style pizza arrives in Berks County with the opening of Tony's al Taglio in West Reading. We tried eight varieties, along with rollatini and tiramisu on our first visit to the new pizza place in town.
Sal's Pizza Style Stromboli Pizza

Review: Sal’s Pizza Style

It's Stromboli. It's pizza. It's Stromboli pizza. And the only place you can get it is at Sal's Pizza Style in Birdsboro.
Blue Marsh Italian Restaurant Margherita Pizza

Blue Marsh Italian Restaurant

Our #NationalPizzaMonth celebration continues with a visit to Blue Marsh Italian Restaurant to try their margherita pizza.
Review: Sophia's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Review: Sophia’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Our final #NationalPizzaMonth review of the year takes us to Sophia's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. Don't let the location fool you (it's a former gas station), Sophia's has some of the best pizza in Berks County.
Pepperoni Pizza from Paolo's Restaurant and Bar in Shillington

Review: Paolo’s Restaurant & Bar

Continuing our #NationalPizzaMonth tour, Berks County Eats visits Paolo's Restaurant & Bar, one of the largest and most popular Italian restaurants in Berks.
stromboli and dipping sauce on a pizza tray

Review: Snuzzles

Mertztown is not a destination, unless you're looking for Snuzzles - the local pizza, sandwich and Stromboli joint that has been packing in the customers for decades.
Review: Sebastiano's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

Review: Sebastiano’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

There are restaurants that strive to attract out-of-towners and those that cater to the locals. Sebastiano's is definitely a local Italian restaurant made for locals.