Whether they’re open for one meal a day or 24/7, diners are the place to get a good meal at a lower price. In Berks County, we have great diners, many of which we have already tried and reviewed:

plate of French toast topped with cinnamon swirl with a smaller plate of red skin potato homefries

Review: Annamarie’s on Main

Berks County Eats visits Annamarie's on Main in Birdsboro, for a taste of the restaurant's signature breakfast items like French toast and pancakes.
An overhead photo of plate with a burger topped with cheese, the top bun next to it with lettuce and tomato, and a pile of fries.

Review: The Berkshire Family Restaurant

A visit to the Berkshire in Wyomissing had some hiccups, but we all left feeling satisfied after a very good dinner.
A kids meal featuring Half a grilled cheese sandwich served in a 3D cardboard paper Ford Fairlane classic car

Review: Pop’s Malt Shoppe

Pop's Malt Shoppe in Kutztown recreates a the feel of a 50s/60s diner. Dinner is served, but dessert is the start of the show here.
An order of chicken Paremsan, featuring an extra large chicken breast topped with red sauce on a bed of spaghetti, from Temple Family Restaurant.

Review: Temple Family Restaurant

With a toddler in tow, diners are becoming a more popular destination for our family meals. Based on our experience, Temple Family Restaurant ranks among the best in Berks County.
exterior of Pied Piper Diner at night

Review: Pied Piper Diner – CLOSED

The Pied Piper Diner in Barto doesn't look very much like a diner from the outside, but inside it's all diner - and it's all good.
corner location of a strip mall with the words "on a roll grill" above the door

Review: On A Roll Grill – CLOSED

On A Roll Grill in Wernersville opened in June 2019 and offers a fast, cheap meal without the drive-thru.
antique blue car atop a roof of a diner

Bel-Air Ice Cream, Hamburgers & More – CLOSED

Check out our first visit to the new Bel-Air Ice Cream, Hamburgers & More in Bechtelsville, where we try (what else?) their hamburgers and ice cream.
cinnamon french toast with icing with a side of corned beef hash in the background

Review: Crossroads Family Restaurant

At the intersection of Routes 222 and 61 is one of Berks County's busiest diners. We stopped at Crossroads for a breakfast both traditional and unique (LA cinnamon roll French toast, anyone?).
Review: Leesport Diner

Review: Leesport Diner

A little more than a year after it opened, the Leesport Diner still looks as good as new and continues to draw a crowd. We visited for our first taste to see what keeps bringing the customers back.
omelet with homefries and white toast from CD's Place

Review: CD’s Place – CLOSED

A breakfast at CD's Place has been a long time coming. Finally, I found a Saturday where they were open, and we were available for a taste of their jerk chicken omelet and corn andouille hash.
Wyomissing Restaurant & Bakery won best breakfast

Review: Wyomissing Restaurant and Bakery

The newly renamed Wyomissing Restaurant and Bakery has goals of becoming "Shady Maple north east." We visited for their Sunday brunch buffet to see how close they are.
Review: Americana Diner

Review: Americana Diner

Berks County Eats makes a breakfast trip to the Americana Diner along Route 100 outside of Bechtelsville for a gyro skillet and pineapple pancakes.