There are restaurants across Berks County that have stood the test of time – from classic drive-ins to old school Italian restaurants and everything in between, these are the places that Berks Countians love. And these are the classics that we have tried:

The Ranch House is known for it's a-frame roof and orange neon sign

Circle S Ranch House – CLOSED

It may not be the cool place to go, but for more than 40 years, the Ranch House has been serving good food at (unbelievably) low prices in West Lawn.
Screpesi's Ham on Roll

Screpesi’s Sandwich Shop

Berks County Eats visits an old-school Berks County sandwich shop - Screpesi's - for the "best in Berks ham on roll" and a Berks-style steak sandwich.
A close-up photo of a cone of pecan ice cream with an old fashioned soda fountain in the background

Review: Longacre’s Modern Dairy

Longacre's Modern Dairy in Barto is a 40-minute drive from Berks County Eats' home base in Wyomissing. But it was well-worth the drive, and the short wait, for a taste of their homemade ice cream.
Review: Letterman's Diner

Review: Letterman’s Diner

Letterman's Diner is a small restaurant (23 seats) that's big on flavor and portions. Bring your appetite for a memorable breakfast in downtown Kutztown.
Review: Schell's & Schell's Dairy Swirl

Review: Schell’s & Schell’s Dairy Swirl

Not much has changed in the six decades since Schell's began selling hamburgers and hot dogs along 5th Street Highway in Temple. The prices have gone up a little (you can't get fries for 15 cents anymore), but the menu is largely the same: burgers, dogs, grilled cheese, fried chicken, fries, onion rings and hamburger bar-b-que.
Sausage with potato filling covered in gravy from the Deitsch Eck

Review: Deitsch Eck

There are places in Berks County that seem lost in time. There are farms that have passed through generations; homes
sign that reads V&S Sandwiches

Review: V&S Sandwiches

"u no u luv it. lol :-)" That's the tagline pasted on the homemade posters throughout V&S Sandwiches on Lancaster
A large plate of spaghetti covered in marinara sauce

Review: Mom Chaffe’s Cellarette

For such a small town, West Reading has a seemingly endless array of restaurants. No less than 30 restaurants and
Review Kauffman's Bar-B-Que Chicken

Review Kauffman’s Bar-B-Que Chicken

If you live anywhere near Berks County, you're familiar with Kauffman's BBQ chicken. The wagons are everywhere during the summer,
sign on a brick building that reads "Jimmie Kramer's Peanut Bar" with an image of an anamorphic peanut

Review: Jimmie Kramer’s Peanut Bar

Over 80 years ago, Jimmie Kramer began offering free peanuts to the patrons at his cafe along Penn Street on