Updated July 2021

At Berks County Eats, we love dessert. But we especially love ice cream. Through more than six years of blogs, we’ve had our fair share of sundaes, shakes and scoops. There’s a lot of great places to get ice cream, but we’ve picked six favorites that we think you’ll love, too.

A close-up photo of a cone of pecan ice cream with an old fashioned soda fountain in the background

Longacre’s Modern Dairy – Barto

Longacre’s Modern Dairy is one of my favorite stops in eastern Berks County. I find their ice cream to be creamier and richer than average. And they always have way too many flavors to choose from.

Photo of two milkshakes in styrofoam cups

Lori’s Candy Station – Robesonia

Full disclosure: Lori is my mother. That doesn’t change the fact that she has some of the best ice cream in Berks County. I’m partial to the milkshakes – especially the off-the-menu chocolate covered strawberry shake (strawberry and death by chocolate ice cream).

Pie Ala Mode Plum Creek Farm

Plum Creek Farm Market – Bernville

Plum Creek is one of the few places around that makes their own soft serve ice cream. They offer a range of seasonal soft serve flavors – including root beer, peach, lemon, and more – but I prefer vanilla with a slice of homemade pie.

The cookie monster sundae featuring chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream and a cherry in a to-go cup

Pop’s Malt Shoppe – Kutztown

There’s a lot to love at Pop’s Malt Shoppe, Kutztown’s retro-inspired ice cream parlor. While they serve a full menu at lunch and dinner, it’s all about the ice cream for us. Pop’s has some of the biggest and best sundaes around, and of course you can always get a malt.

Photo of an ice cream sundae with crushed peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top

Schell’s and Schell’s Dairy Swirl – Temple

Schell’s Dairy Swirl has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. I love the Twisters (their version of the Blizzard). Across the parking lot at Schell’s, my go-to drink with my hamburger BBQ is the raspberry milkshake – Schell’s is one of the only places I have ever found raspberry soft-serve shakes (and it’s so good).

Photo of an ice cream sandwich with vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies

Sweet Ride Ice Cream Shop – West Reading

Sweet Ride has the feel of an old-school ice cream parlor. And while you’ll find old favorites like shakes and malts, they also have inventive treats like Girl Scout Cookie parfaits (in season) and ice cream tacos.