Gourmand Cafe at Fairgrounds Farmers Market – CLOSED

The Gourmand Cafe at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market is now closed. The location closed in late 2018.

It’s the last week in April, and that means this is our last stop (for now) on our tour of the Fairgrounds Farmers Market.

We still had several places we wanted to visit, and the decision wasn’t easy, but we decided to go to someplace both familiar and new.

Gourmand has built a mini empire around its unique eats. It started with the Gourmand Artisan Street Food truck. That led to two cafes – one inside Body Zone and one in Wyomissing. In December, they added a third cafe, this one inside the Fairgrounds Farmers Market.

It’s one of the larger food stands at the market today with counter seating for 20.

We stopped in on a Thursday evening just after 6 p.m. Many stands were closing up or already closed (the market officially closes at 7). Even at Gourmand, the clean-up process had already begun, but the lone employee behind the counter was more than happy to take care of us.

The menu features many of Gourmand’s greatest hits like the Berks (the grilled sweet bologna, cream cheese, apple butter and potato chip sandwich I tried at the food truck) and their signature loaded fries.

For my entree, I went with another Gourmand classic – the Burgh.

If you’ve ever been to Pittsburgh (and even if you haven’t), you most likely have heard of Primanti Brothers and their famous sandwich. The Burgh is Gourmand’s take on the classic.

The Burgh starts with pastrami and melted provolone. Like a Primanti Brothers sandwich, it’s topped with three things: tomatoes, coleslaw and French fries.

It’s an odd mix to be sure, but Pittsburgh is an odd city.

The contrast between the hot and cold elements is interesting. The fries cooled off with the tomatoes and coleslaw while the meat and cheese stayed warm.

My one wish for the dish would be to have the bread toasted. As it was, the bread got soggy from the greasy pastrami and the juice from the slaw.

If you’re into the Primanti Brothers, you’d probably be into the sandwich. I liked it, but I wouldn’t have to get it again.

Julie’s sandwich was more my speed.

The Chicago style Italian is reminiscent of a French dip – it’s served with a side of au jus – but does stray a little bit with the use of shaved Parmesan cheese and the addition of banana peppers.

It was a nice sandwich where the meat was able to really be the star. The au jus makes it go down a little easier and adds a little salt to the dish. I can’t speak to the banana peppers because Julie had already picked them off the sandwich by the time she offered me a bite (though I’m sure they add a pleasant kick to it).

I can’t talk about our meals without mentioning the potato chips.

Gourmand fries their own potato chips, and they are a highlight of any meal. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, the chips are beautifully crunchy. I would have eaten any amount that they put in front of me. Thankfully, they portioned it well to save me from myself.

Our two sandwiches were less than $20 – a bargain in our estimation, especially given that Julie took half of hers home. That’s the great thing about the Fairgrounds Farmers Market. Everywhere you go, you can find a great meal at a great price.

And the Fairgrounds Farmers Market is the perfect fit for Gourmand’s quick and quirky food, the perfect place to continue to experiment with the menu on a weekly basis.

I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Gourmand Cafe
Fairgrounds Farmers Market
2934 N. Fifth Street Hwy
Reading, PA 19605

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Hole #1 at Laurelain Park Disc Golf

Food Blogger vs. Fat: Week 4

Week four of Food Blogger vs. Fat is now in the books – that’s a full month of work and a full month of results. Here’s an inside look into how it’s going so far:

The Successes

I started the week with one of my favorite hobbies (and Julie’s too): disc golfing.

Disc Golfing at Laurelain Park in Muhlenberg Township

Look at that incredible form on the forehand drive.

For those who aren’t familiar with the sport, disc golf is just like real golf only you’re throwing discs (don’t call them Frisbees) at a basket instead of hitting golf balls into a hole.

Berks County is home to four disc golf courses (with dozens more in the neighboring counties), including two of them on the fringe of the city of Reading – one at Alvernia University and one at Laurelain Park in Muhlenberg Township.

Hole #1 at Laurelain Park Disc Golf

The disc golf course at Laurelain Park is our favorite of the two nearby courses.

Laurelain is a nine-hole course that opened at the end of 2016, and is our favorite of the two courses. For us, it’s a quick drive up the Warren Street Bypass to River Road up to Muhlenberg.

The park – with its disc golf course and walking paths – is a hidden gem. It’s a quiet neighborhood park that really only brings outsiders for the disc golf and soccer games.

Hole #9 at Laurelain Park Disc Golf

The wide open holes at Laurelain Park make it easy to let it rip off the tee.

Many of the holes at Laurelain are wide open with minimal trees, but some holes are heavily wooded and two have water that very much comes into play.

It’s a lot of fun and a lot cheaper – average discs cost between $10-20 each – and less time consuming – we did our nine holes in about 35 minutes – compared to real golf. There’s also no greens fees (though some golf courses have actually installed disc golf baskets and do charge a nominal fee).

But it is just as frustrating when you miss a short putt with a disc as it is on a green.

The rest of my week was all walking: a total of three hours and nine miles between Sunday and Friday.

The Challenges

This week was actually fairly easy as far as sticking to the diet and exercise. The only exceptions were Tuesday when I didn’t record any exercise but did come in under my calorie limit and Wednesday when I came in 130 calories over my daily limit (my current budget on my Lose It app is 2,051) but did manage 30 minutes of exercise.

The Results

As is usual, I weighed in on Saturday morning, and here’s what the scale said:

Current Weight: 182.4
Loss Since Last Week: -0.2
Loss Since Start: 7.0

It was an OK week for results. Coming off a week where I lost 3.8 pounds, I wanted to slow down this week, but was hoping to be closer to the one-pound mark.

Still, I’m ahead of pace by three pounds and I have a lot of motivation coming into the new week.

The Week Ahead

As I write this, it’s Saturday afternoon. The rain is coming down outside and I’m frustrated because I had planned to be out on a long bike ride right now. Instead, I’m stuck inside with my stationary bike as my only real option right now.

The rest of the week doesn’t look much better with rain forecasted three of the next five days. That may mean a trip or two to the gym or timing my walks to miss the raindrops.

Food Blogger Vs. Fat

The Hot Spot

If you subscribe to the daily edition of the Reading Eagle, then you have likely seen the full-page advertisement for the Boscov’s Fairgrounds Farmers Market that runs every Wednesday.

Lately, I have been using it as a checklist and for inspiration for my blogs as I eat my way through the Farmers Market.

What caught my eye over the past few weeks was the note under the Scott’s Hot Spot section: “UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP”

Scott’s opened in 2010. A health issue forced the owner to close the stand for several months in 2015, but otherwise, it has been a staple in the market for seven years.

On April 12, the restaurant’s Facebook account announced the new owners: Roseann Rothenberger and Brian Miller, who are now running the stand and will soon rename it, “The Hot Spot.”

We decided to make it our latest Friday night stop on our Farmers Market odyssey.

The Hot Spot was certainly one of the busiest stands at the market, with a line to order and several people waiting at any given time. While we stood in line to order, we heard another customer complain about his order. “I said no onions on both,” was the cry before his food was remade.

Our food took a little while because of the line that had been in front of us. We probably waited 20 minutes before it was called and I could pick it up at the counter.

My entree choice was Scott’s traditional gyro, one of the items that had been a staple at the stand (and spawned a catering trailer called Scott’s Gyro Box).

Gyros are not something that I order very often. My only other gyro in my Berks County Eats journey was from Cafe Sweet Street so I was excited for another taste.

I really enjoyed it, especially the salad base. It had a flavor that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but it complemented the meat and tzatziki sauce nicely.

It was also very filling to where I probably didn’t need my side order of fries.

But I really wanted those fries, especially after I saw that they were red-skinned potatoes.

I was slightly disappointed with them. Red-skinned potatoes have such a strong flavor compared to Idaho or russet potatoes, but the natural flavor of the red skins didn’t shine through as much as I had hoped.

For French fries, they were good. They were a little oversalted, but good. But I was hoping for more.

Julie was a little perplexed by her order. She got the tuna meltaway, but was surprised to find that it really wasn’t a true tuna melt.

While the bread was clearly toasted, the cheese and tuna filling were still cold. That’s not to say it was bad, but you can’t call something a tuna meltaway and then not melt the cheese.

Her sandwich was much smaller than mine, though she wasn’t upset by that. For her, it was just the right size.

Also, her sandwich was supposed to come with a bag of chips, but we never got them (she wouldn’t have eaten them with her meal, but we would have taken them home for later).

Overall, there was confusion at the stand, as would be expected of a new business. Because of the setup at the farmers market, you can see the kitchen very clearly and the three people behind the counter seemed to be stepping on each others toes, leading to small mistakes.

I fully expect things to get better, especially as the menu shifts with the new owners. For now though, it’s a little scattered.

One thing that is still good is the pricing. Our meals (plus two bottles of water) cost $20 and change. That’s one great thing about all of the stands at the market – there’s low overhead costs so the prices are generally lower than if you ordered a similar meal at a restaurant.

The new Scott’s Hot Spot, soon to be The Hot Spot, has the makings of a great stand. It’s just not quite there yet.

Hopefully it reaches its potential because I want to come back in a few months and enjoy something new.

BCE Rating
Food: Good
Service: Fair
Ambiance: Fair
Price: Very Reasonable

The Hot Spot
Fairgrounds Farmers Market
2934 N. Fifth St. Hwy
Reading, PA 19604

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Rebers Bridge Connector Trail

Food Blogger vs. Fat: Week 3

After a hot start in my first week of Food Blogger vs. Fat, things slowed down for me as my weight stayed the same between Weeks 1 and 2. Week 3 was all about getting back on track.

The Successes

For the first time since I started I current wellness plan, I recorded seven consecutive days of exercise – a total of 15.14 miles walking for the week.

Rebers Bridge Connector Trail

Saturday’s 3.6 mile walk on the Rebers Bridge Connector Trail was my longest of the week.

It started on Saturday – weigh-in day. After a flat week, I decided to start off in a big way: a 3.67 mile walk along the Rebers Bridge Connector Trail.

Starting from the parking lot at Rebers Bridge, we walked west along the trail to the entrance of the Blue Marsh stilling basin. It’s a hilly walk with about 120 feet in elevation change, but a rewarding one as well.

We stopped short of the ascent to the Visitors Center, about another .25 miles further along the trail, saving that for another day.

Flowers along the Rebers Bridge Connector Trail

The flowers are starting to bloom along the trail

The weather this week could not have been better, and it was evident along the trail with the beautiful flowers that were starting to poke up.

Following up on our Saturday success, Julie and I ventured out on a 3.5 mile walk on Sunday.

Robesonia's Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek was flowing nicely on Sunday during our walk around Robesonia.

We were visiting my parents in Robesonia so we did a walking loop that we used to do when we were still dating, climbing the hill around the former Robesonia Furnace property before descending along Freeman Street and returning by the Conrad Weiser Middle School.

I walked every day during my lunch break at work, except Wednesday when Julie and I instead did a 2.5 mile walk into West Reading.

The Challenges

On Tuesday night, I was at Citizens Bank Ballpark for my first Philadelphia Phillies game of the season.

The view from the Club Box.

I was in a Club Box with my colleagues from work, staring at a mini smorgasbord of cheesesteak, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, potato salad and coleslaw.

With my Lose It app by my side, I made the healthiest decisions I could – vegetable dippers for an appetizer, two sliders, one chicken finger and a heap of coleslaw: 800 total calories. I did so well with my afternoon walk and my lunch that I was able to splurge for a slice of brownie for dessert.

Opening night at the Reading Fightin’ Phils.

Thursday night, I had to navigate another minefield at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Avoiding the hot dogs and churgers, I opted instead for a bowl of chili and chips from Pauline’s Soups, leaving me with enough calories for a hot chocolate to warm up with.

The Results

So did the exercise get the job done? Or did I overdo it at the ballpark?

Current Weight: 182.6
Weekly Weight Loss: -3.8
Weight Loss Since Start: -6.8

After a slow week, it was a fantastic result. But I would prefer to be losing at a more gradual pace. I was almost 2,000 calories under my weekly budget. This week, I want to be much closer to my goal number in hopes to be closer to the one-pound mark.

The Week Ahead

Weigh-in day is Saturday so I consider it the start of my new week. That means Easter Dinner (or more appropriately, two Easter dinners) on Sunday. And Wednesday evening I will be at a networking event at Dave & Buster’s in Plymouth Meeting – not exactly the healthiest place to grab dinner.

There’s also a little more trouble in the forecast with rain expected, especially during the second half of the week. That could slow down my walking and force me to use the exercise bike (blah).

Food Blogger Vs. Fat

Food Blogger vs. Fat: Week 2

It’s the second week of Food Blogger vs. Fat. In my first week, I dropped three pounds. Here’s a look at my second week in search of healthier living.

The Challenges

JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort

My home away from home last week – the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort

If you read last week’s blog, you know that this week was a travel week for me. I was attending a digital marketing conference in Tucson, Arizona. That meant two cross-country flights, seemingly unlimited amounts of food and a lot of sitting.

I flew out on Sunday and missed my calorie target by nearly 300 thanks to a poor selection of food at the airports in Philadelphia and Phoenix. In Philly, I picked up an Auntie Anne’s pretzel as my in-flight snack. In Phoenix, my lunch was two slices of cheese pizza (not my choice, they were sold in twos).

Sonoran omelette - JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort

The Sonoran omelette with refried beans and tortillas was probably not the healthiest breakfast choice, but it was delicious.

While I managed to stay under my calorie count for the remainder of the trip, I did splurge with ice cream twice and did not have the healthiest breakfast options.

The Successes

Knowing that I’d be spending most of my days sitting, I drug myself out of bed early each morning (5:30 local time) to start my day with a morning hike.

The trails in the Tucson Mountain Park are a world away from Berks County.

The conference’s resort – the JW Marriott Starr Pass – is located on the edge of the Tucson Mountain Park and features a two-mile loop trail, as well as a connection to the larger trail network.

Monday morning, I took to the loop trail for the first time, taking my time on a trip through the mountains before the Arizona sun became unbearable.

Can you spot the deer?

On my trip, I came across two herds of deer scaling the nearby hillside before climbing myself. The trail ascends 300 feet to the top before winding its way back down the other side. The elevation change is constant – and, at times, steep – making the descent back to the resort feel so much better.

Tuesday was the most exciting of my three hikes as I followed the Bowen’s Trail into the heart of the park.

Bowen’s Trail is named for Sherry Bowen, a newspaperman who moved to the area with his wife and built a stone house in the mountains. The home still stands, abandoned, in the heart of the park. It was almost exactly 1.5 miles from the resort, and a great goal for my hike.

A Panoramic View of The Bowen Homestead in Tucson Mountain Park

The Bowen Homestead was the destination for my Tuesday morning hike.

The hike was flatter – only a 150-foot elevation change – but a little longer and no less challenging. The reward at the end was the homestead, an oasis that is completely out of place in the wilderness.

The roof is gone, but the foundation and walls still stand. In one corner of the home, you can still see the fireplace. A few vandals have left their mark in graffiti on the floor, but the house is largely untouched.

It was definitely worth the hike.

The view from the top.

Wednesday morning I took one more morning trip along the loop trail – one more climb to the top before returning home the next day.

The Results

So, how did I do during my week away?

186.4 lbs.
Loss Since Last Week: 0.0 lbs.
Loss Since Start: -3.0 lbs.

It was a break-even week for me. Part of me was hopeful after all of the hiking, but with so much time sitting – in the conference, on airplanes and in terminals – it wasn’t enough to make up for it.

But coming off a first week where I lost three pounds, I knew week two would be hard no matter what. I still feel good about where I am at.

The Week Ahead

It’s a beautiful week in the neighborhood.

I brought a little bit of warm weather home with me as temperatures are expected to rise to more than 80 on Tuesday. That means there is no excuse for me to get outside and exercise.

And with the office closed on Friday, I will have a whole day for a walk, hike or bike ride.

The biggest obstacle this week comes Tuesday when I join my marketing team colleagues at the Philadelphia Phillies in a club box. The box includes dinner – in the form of an unlimited buffet. If my will power can hold out, it’s the only roadblock to a great week.

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Monte Lauro European Gourmet

A trip to Fairgrounds Farmers Market can be overwhelming for the unprepared.

There are sixty stands inside the Fairgrounds Farmers Market and at least 20 of them offer dine-in meals or snacks.

Even for Julie and I, deciding where to grab our meal is a daunting task.

On a recent Friday evening, we arrived at the market not yet knowing where to go. We surveyed our options as we paced up and down all of the aisles, hoping that something would catch our eyes.

That something was Monte Lauro European Gourmet.

The flagship location for the deli is on Mount Laurel Road in Temple (Monte Lauro is Italian for Mount Laurel) and is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays while the Farmers Market is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

One of the advantages that Monte Lauro has over other dining options is the common dining area across the aisle. On a Friday evening, when things are a little slow, there are plenty of seats to be had (you just may need to take a napkin and clean it yourself).

The selection is both limited and expansive at the same time, with eight cold sandwiches and five hot sandwiches, many of which are also available as paninis. There are also select salad options both as entrees and sides. The only other side available is French fries.

We placed our order, took our number and grabbed a seat. It was a short wait – maybe 10 minutes – until our number was called and I retrieved the tray.

For food being served on a cafeteria tray, it looked beautiful, especially my chicken cutlet sandwich.

Sliced in half, you could see the bright colors of the roasted red peppers and spinach that the cutlet sat upon.

I enjoyed the sandwich – particularly the roasted reds – but I wanted something a little more. The cutlet was OK, but nothing special, and I would have loved another slice of sharp Provolone.

Also, the roll was very good. It was heavy enough to soak up the juice from the roasted reds, but not too heavy to overpower the rest of the ingredients.

Julie’s homemade meatball panini looked just as good with beautiful grill marks on top, a hint of red from the marinara sauce and meatballs sliced perfectly for the grill press.

It was a good sandwich. The meatballs were solid though we’ve tried better. And I would have liked a little more sauce.

With little other choices, we decided to split a side of French fries to go with our sandwiches.

The thin cut fries were in the traditional fast-food style: skins off, cooked to a shade of golden brown and served in a paper bag. They were good and certainly helped fill us up, which is all you can really ask for from an order of fries.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Monte Lauro. It was fast, it was tasty and it was right around the $20 mark for the two of us.

I’d like to go back again to try the homemade sausage or one of Monte Lauro’s take-and-make Italian specialties.

Of course, we have many other stands to try first.

BCE Rating
Food: Good
Service: Good
Ambiance: Good
Price: Very Reasonable

Monte Lauro European Gourmet
Fairgrounds Farmers Market
2930 N. Fifth Street Hwy
Reading, PA 19605

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Food Blogger vs. Fat: Week 1

Last week, I introduced Food Blogger vs. Fat, a new feature that will chronicle my journey to better health.

Writing that blog was easy. Now, the hard part – the weight loss goal of 30 pounds in 30 weeks has begun.

My starting weight for the challenge: 189.4.

The Successes

Overall, my first week was a success. On Wednesday, I dodged the raindrops for a 1.5 mile walk around our office complex, tracking everything with my Endomondo app.

The .8-mile loop around our office complex would make a great go-kart track.

A lap around the buildings and through the parking lots is .8 miles (there is actually a mapped out route with signs every one-tenth of a mile). I was able to complete two laps in 30 minutes before the rain reappeared.

From Reber’s bridge, the trail west is full of hills. We climbed 150 feet during the short walk.

On Thursday night, Julie and I met up with my friend Heff (you can call him Matt) at Reber’s Bridge for an evening trail walk. We went westward along the trail for a three-mile round trip, avoiding the fresh puddles and racing the sunset back to the parking area.

The Park Road bridge is one of my favorite stops for photos.

On Saturday morning, I went on another three-mile walk. My route takes me from our neighborhood to the Wyomissing Post Office, into West Reading, and back across the bridge into Berkshire Heights.

The Challenges

Using my Lose It app, I log every calorie that I take in and every calorie-burning exercise that I do. My daily budget to start is 2,096 net calories. This is a moving target as the more weight I lose, the fewer calories I am allowed.

Monday was not a good day, but I made up for it the rest of the week.

On Monday, I missed my goal, coming in 314 calories over budget thanks to a (delicious) dinner at Mission BBQ. That night, I was in Philadelphia for WWE Monday Night Raw so the only exercise I was able to get was the walk from the parking lot to the Wells Fargo Center and back (and a very slow lap around the concourse).

Friday, I came in 297 calories under budget, but it was the only day that I logged no exercise. The persistent rain left no opportunity for outdoor exercise, and after logging my dinner, I took a night off.

The Results

So how did I do in Week 1?

186.4 lbs.
Loss Since Start: -3.0 lbs.

It was a strong start, for sure. But there is no way that this weight loss rate is sustainable, even if I continue coming in under my calorie count. The results will slow down and normalize, now that the recently-gained weight is gone.

The Week Ahead

This week is when the weight loss goal really kicks in, and it’s also one of the hardest weeks that I have. As you read this, I am attending a conference in Tucson, Arizona. That means two cross-country flights, and at least two airport lunches.

With breakfast and lunch provided at the conference (and the hotel’s relative isolation from downtown Tucson), it means no real choices for four of my meals.

However, there are several hiking trails nearby, an opportunity to explore downtown on Tuesday night, and perfect weather for doing laps in the pool (no poolside selfies, I promise).

If I can stick to the plan, I will be back here with more good news – and great photos from the dessert – next week.

Food Blogger Vs. Fat

1 Potato Two – CLOSED

1 Potato Two at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market

Editor’s Note: 1 Potato Two is now closed. August 10 was the stand at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market. The owners of the stand still operate a food truck based in New Jersey.

Berks County has never really been known for creativity – at least when it comes to food.

The Pennsylvania Dutch are not exactly the most adventurous eaters in the world either.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to introduce something new, something different, something unique.

Unique is the best word to describe the spudwiches at 1 Potato Two at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market.

The concept for 1 Potato Two began as a food truck in New Jersey. The best in the state, according to the USA Today article that hangs from one wall at the stand.

1 Potato Two Features a Rotating Menu of Spudwiches

(Almost) everything at 1 Potato Two is built around – you guessed it – potatoes. There are tater tots with multiple topping choices. There are potato balls, deep-fried bites filled with potato, meat and cheese. And then there are the spudwiches.

So what exactly is a spudwich?

It’s a sandwich, but with no bread. Instead, the filling is placed between two carved out potato halves.

It’s genius.

Over the weekend, I visited the stand with my friend Dennis, already a fan of the spudwich. We ordered our two spudwiches and waited for a few minutes while the potatoes and some of the ingredients took a quick bath in the deep fryer.

The selection of spudwiches rotate weekly, and there is quite the variety. I ordered the eggplant parmigiana while Dennis ordered the buffalo chicken.

Our spudwiches were delivered to our seats. “You’re nice guys so I’m going to leave you these,” said the cook as he laid down some extra napkins. They came in very handy.

My spudwich was fantastic. The fried eggplant was light and tender. The mozzarella and tomato sauce were nicely portioned. But the best part about it is the potato.

I could have eaten the potato by itself. Give me three or four of them, and it would be the best potato skin appetizer I have ever tried. But as part of the spudwich, it is actually very complementary to the other ingredients.

Now, I have to point out that it is greasy – the potato and eggplant having both come out fresh out of the fryer – so if that does not appeal to you, you probably won’t enjoy the spudwich. If you don’t mind a little fried food every now and then, this is right up your alley.

Dennis’ spudwich, I dare say, may have been better than mine. It was certainly more robust than my own, with chicken strips spilling out over the sides.

The chicken was delicious. I’m not a big fan of buffalo sauce, but Dennis allowed me a small piece and I was impressed.

What really worked – and what Dennis found to be the best part – was the combination of the buffalo chicken with the bacon. And the potato made for the perfect addition.

It was so good that he completely forgot about the cup of blue cheese on the side. Quite frankly, it didn’t need it.

Together, our two spudwiches were just short of $20 ($8.99 each). For me, the spudwich was hearty enough on its own that I didn’t need anything else for my lunch.

One other note: the challenge of dining at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market is seating. We were lucky to grab two of the four stools at 1 Potato Two’s counter. It was a win for us because the Saturday lunch rush makes it hard to find a seat in the Market’s main dining area.

1 Potato Two certainly brings a new perspective and a whole new idea to Berks County.

And it’s an idea that I can really get behind.

1 Potato Two
Fairgrounds Farmers Market
2934 N. Fifth Street Hwy
Reading, PA 19605

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